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Berlin 1988



Berlin 1988

At that time no one really anticipated that the wall would fall one year later.

Nor had it been really understood during the previous year when Berlin celebrated its 750th anniversary that efforts were made to create a new myth.

Still, something holds about Berlin back then:

"Berlin is about to begin celebrating its 750th anniversary, and on both sides of the wall there will be a great outpouring of art, theater, music and so on, enough to keep things humming for the rest of the year. As usual, culture and politics will be cunningly intermingled in ways not always visible, for in this remarkable city you cannot play a sonata or exhibit a painting without touching a political chord."

Source: FREDERIC V. GRUNFELD, Berlin 1937, Berlin 1987. Published in New York Times, May 10, 1987






Georg Girardet, Berlin (Berlin)

"Das ist war einfach ein Etikettenschwindel. Wir haben eingeladen und so getan, als sei es ein diplomatischer Empfang. Aber es war eine Vernissage."


Berlin – Cultural Capital of Europe 1988





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