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Cultural Centre - Industrial Heritage in Walbryzch


Kids' Guernica - Guernica Youth group arriving at Cultural Centre May 15, 2015



  Cultural Centre of Walbryzch



                            Guide, a former miner who worked under ground for 25 years,

                                                         introduced by

                                                          Mariusz Gaj



      The miner remembered as a sculpture



          Bernard Conlon lifting a 'Presslufthammer' - sledge hammer


Alexandra Zanne taking a photos of photos of former miners



                         Juan Gutierrez looking at photos of miners the guide used to know as friends

                         most of which have left Walbryzch once the coal mine closed in 1992.



        Conference hall - the former wash station for the miners



     Coal chute



     Guide beside machinery for producing stable electricity



   Wondering about cultural heritage consisting of machinery once used by the mine



          Heavy machinery made by SIEMENS



    Big wheel - an expression of industrial power






     View out the window into outer court yard of the Cultural Centre


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