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A cultural path through the 2014 program

An interesting way to introduce the program to be realized in 2014.

Sat 3 Aug - Sun 11 Aug 2013
A taste of 2014


The Cultural path will be shown at Stora Nolia

Umeå2014 can be found in exhibition hall number 4 at booth numbers 510:01 – 510:56 of the Stora Nolia Fair 2013.

The idea reminds what artists did after the Prague Spring was crushed by tanks of the Warszawa pact in August 1968. Since everything was forbidden and memory nearly erased completely as to what had led up to this Prague Spring, including the Kafka Writers Congress, a structure was created in a park, so that when people would walk through it, they would be reminded of historical moments since 1945. It was done in such a subtle way that it became a subversive art to evade the new censorship.

Participants at the culture path:

Alte Schweden
Big Family Cruisers
Ersboda handicraft association
FEST – Storytelling conference
Folkmusikfesten and Dansens hus
Give me Five – Länsbiblioteket in Västerbotten, House of Metal
IOGT NTO Budbärarna
Iranska föreningen
Kultur i Skärgården 2014
Meeting ground Sápmi
The Piteå Umeå2014-office
SM-veckan vinter
Svenska kyrkan
Svensk form Västerbotten/PechaKucha
Sweet Sustainability
United Afghansk förening
Umeå Chamber Music Association
Umeå Fashion Week
Umeå International Choir Festival
Umeå Legend Club
Umeå Teaterförening
Umeå University
Västerbotten – The Storytellers’ County
Västerbotten museum
VÄV2014 – Weaving Fair with Slöjd anno 2014 Yrkes-SM


Umeå2014 on the Nolia stage, 3 august
The Umeå2014-programme will showcase some of the upcoming activities, giving a taste of the width and quality of next year’s content.
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Time: Sat 3 Aug - Sun 11 Aug 2013
Place: Nolia

Organizer: Umeå2014 – European Capital of Culture in association with above mentioned culture participants, associations, organisations and institutions
Contact: Maria Brännström, Umeå2014
+4672-57 50 849

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