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Turku 2011 Programme

Turku 2011 Programme

The programme shall entail projects, exhibitions and events. It will be realised through national and international cooperation.

The initial ideas for the 2011 programme came from nearly 500 suggestions.


Implementation of the programme shall be the responsibility of professions from art and culture, associations, enterprises and the research and education organisations.

To fulfil the European Union goals, efforts shall be undertaken to bring together people from different cultures. The programme will try out new projects to encourage new makers of culture and audience for culture.

Altogether the year shall be subdivided into three phases: Encounters (January to April), Regeneration (May to August) and Impact (September to December).

The programme shall be comprised of four thematic entities:










For its realisation the programme 2011 shall take into consideration the yearly events going on in Turku.





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