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Organisation - Suvi Innilä



City of Turku

Kristiinankatu 1, 20100 Turku, Finland


                                           project manager of 'Turku2011'




She made at the ECCM Symposium "Productivity of Culture" a presentation under following title:                 

                             The European Cultural Capital Turku 2011,

and this within the session: Capitals of Culture

Download the presentation "Turku 2011" (pdf)


She gave an overall idea of Turku's plans as the European Capital of Culture - the key points being an outline of the main objectives of Turku 2011:


More information about Turku 2011 plans:

Turku was selected as Finland's candidate for the European Capital 2011 in summer 2006 after a national competition between seven cities. The official nomination of the EU Council of Ministers is expected in November 2007.

Turku 2011 is more than merely one year. It's a process which aims at increasing well-being as well as improving the creative economy. Turku 2011 strategy and plans are presented in the bidding document for the European Capital of Culture title, 'Turku on Fire'. They are based on the work of thousands of people from different age, language and professional groups.
Besides wide participation, one of the main elements of the Turku 2011 is wide understanding of culture. Turku 2011 is also based on encounters - creativeness, new ideas and innovations are born through new combinations and dialogue.


Project manager Suvi Innilä, *1974, has led the preparations for the 'Turku 2011' project since 2004. After a national competition between seven cities, Turku was selected as Finland's Candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2011 in summer 2006.

Before this, Innilä worked several years as the project manager of Arsnet - a provider of new working opportunities for cultural professionals through an internet-based marketing tool (
In 2000-2002 she launched Tough Eye - Turku International Animated Film Festival as its first
managing director. Recently she was also elected as the chairman of the Music by the Sea Festival in Inkoo.

Suvi Innilä graduated as Master of Arts from the University of Turku in 1999, majoring in art history.

She also has a background as a violin player.


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