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Europa wall in Mons - im memory of Cafe 9


Café Europa is a sort of trading café, but one that works in digital time: you don’t drop in just to drain a glass or two, but also to link up, and enjoy gaming in WiFi mode!

Cafe 9 existed for two months in 2000 when there were 9 European Capitals of Culture, and which interconnected by way of an idea based on a cafe as meeting place. Via video screen and teleconference (at that time still a very new technology), eight of the nine cities exchanged information about various projects in their cities.


Set up in the courtyard of the Mons 2015 Foundation located in Rue de Nimy 106, Café Europa intends to become a new place of social and cultural liberation, where people will view the world through the prism of new technologies.

With its ‘Europa Wall’ connected to other European towns and cities, to go there is to travel, to meet people from elsewhere, spin a Web between neighbours from far-flung corners of the continent. Since the Café sees itself as a pop-up meeting-place, it will itself be moving around: first departure will be on 10 June… before the official launch in 2015!


A host of activities are being planned for its relocation, with six weeks of experimentation: linguistic lunches, a bio-basket network, retro-futurist cinema, terminal arcades, concourse meetings, techno  screenings…Not forgetting the Wikipedia workshop, whose collective objective is to update the Mons web page. Also the ‘Sound Republic’ event, or how to turn a cafetière into an electronic beat-box!


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It all gets under way this week with Cook With Danielle (speak English as you cook!), a forum on (Big) Data Art with a guest appearance from Manuel Lima, workshops on mobile apps organised by students at  Microsoft’s Innovation Center, and a conference discovering Big Data  by Mundaneum.


For the full Café Europa programme visit the Mons 2015 website.

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