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Bid book of Leeuwarden

In reading what the panel selecting the ECoC for 2018 stated about Leeuwarden, it says already a lot that the panel was impressed by the changes made in between the pre-selection and final selection phase. Hence it is significant on how Leeuwarden introduces itself, namely with a thanks to the jury for giving it the opportunity to reflect in the meantime upon the recommendations which were made. The opening paragraph ends with this admittance that "some important changes were required."

One aspect is pointed out right away, namely that its 'grass roots movement' was broaden to include national and internaitonal cultural operators. This was exemplifie in the eyes of the panel by showing, for instance, how youth in various European countries supported the bid of Leeuwarden.

To enhance their capacity, they did seek the advise of national and international artists and cultural operators.

In terms of budget so as to be able to support a long term agenda of development which incorporates besides cultural policy as well other policy measures linked to the economy, society and the envrionment, there was attained an agreement about the total budget amounting to 850 Million Euros.

Under the independent leadership of Mr Oeds Westerhof, the bid was drafted with the help of volunteers and citizens.

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