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Contra a culture of discrimination?

As a first sense of evaluation after the year has been completed, it is good to remind what was a critical point: culture becoming a discriminatory tool rather than a means to invite citizens to participate.

Already the advisory and monitoring panel had written in 2012 in their final report the following remark relevant to the question whether or not minorities were integrated and present not only in the programme, but at the level of decision making:

"The question of the integration of the entire territory of the event, including ethnic minorities, was also raised as an important stake for the success of the event. The panel welcomed focus on the 25% of the city population of French citizens with a non- European heritage but concerned that it appeared that no members of the various ECOC management committees came from these communities. It also recommended a review of event pricing to ensure that there is a greater opportunity for access to the ECOC events (not just those aimed at minorities) by all communities. The ECOC is an opportunity to engage as more than audiences and to break down barriers."


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