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Poetry Spring



As part of the Literature Programme there took place

in the Spring of 2009

International Poetry Festival “Poetry Spring”

Date: 18-31 May
Venue: Vilnius
Promoter: Lithuanian Writers Union

© Gediminas Bartuška (ELTA)

It is an ongoing event and therefore was not unique to the year when Vilnius was Eurpean Capital of Culture.

The International Poetry Festival is and annual event and is hosted by the Lithuanian Writers’ Union.

In 2009 this Festival was organised for the 45th time.


- the Almanac “Poetry Spring” of new poems

- publications of translations of poetry and essays on literature and issued on the eve of the Festival.

- the winner of the Festival will be awarded the prize in Kaunas.

Different topical issues of the world of literature were discussed by poets and critics who come to the annual conference of poets.

There took place as well a poetry evening for schoolchildren and included an informal reading of “Poems All Night Long”.

The closing evening is organised in Sarbievijus yard of Vilnius University.

Emphasis is given to having translations of foreign poetry into the Lithuanian language and of Lithuanian poems into other languages an to make a debut in the Almanac.

It is stated that "recently, increasing numbers of foreign poets and Lithuanian poets-emigrants are coming to the “Poetry Spring”. The Festival was honoured by participation of such famous poets as Czesłav Miłosz (Poland), Carolyn Forshé (USA), Dannie Abse (Great Britain), Aleš Debeljak (Slovenia), Pia Tafdrup (Denmark)."

This festival is becoming more and more distinct on the European map of literature events. The aim is to make it become even more international and therefore is not restricted to only European poets.

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