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Thessaloniki 1997







                        Poster for "Twenty Years after" ECCM Exhibition in Patras 2006

Curator: Spyros Mercouris Online Exhibit: Heritageradio


Thessaloniki 1997 stands out for several reasons. Many dismiss it as a failure and add to it the suspicion of a lot of corruption having undermined everything from the beginning to the end. Spyros Mercouris holds another opinion. He points out that Thessaloniki achieved many things especially with regards to the creation of new cultural venues.

Outstanding has been the archaeological excavations to show again where the former Agora was. In one part of the now completely freed square glass covers the findings below. During one of those warm summer nights an orchestra sat on that glass and played not only for the immediate audience which had gathered but for all inhabitants who could listen from their balconies of the houses surrounding the square to the music making its way into the free night sky.

An exhibition mostly visited and discussed was the one of religious artworks from Mount Athos. Practically it was the first time that these art works were shown outside their respective monasteries on Mount Athos. Since women are not allowed to visit Mount Athos, they went especially to this exhibition to see these rare religious beauties.



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