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Sibiu 2007

Presentation about Sibiu

by Sabina-Adina Luca and Dragos Dragoman, from 'Lucian Blaga' University of Sibiu (2010) "An assessment of its impact on local development and identity" at Conference in Pecs, Oct. 14 - 15, 2010

The main difficulty was to prepare for huge investments in a relative short time. Neither the full impact can be anticipated or investments are always sustainable especially when the entire country enters a period of economic difficulties.

As Romanian city ruled by a German (Saxon) mayor. Population not very different from rest of the country in terms of attitudes, values and practices.

There is an issue as to requirement for citizenship in Rumania since ethnic and civic aspects play a role. It includes speaking the national language. Naturally this has an impact upon local identity. The point is being made once people inherit a romantic tradition they want one state, one language, one identity.

Some modifications have been experienced with the coming of tourism and new persons settling down in Sibiu thereby widening the ethnical base of the local community. There are different responses to the opening up to local, regional and national-European identity formations.

What will happen in future is not very certain.

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