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Selection by EU jury

In the report issued by the EU jury itself, it is admitted that the selection of one out of four short listed cities was most difficult. There had to take place in the final end a secret vote.

According to the report, Rijeka 2020 presented itself as a post-industrial city, a coastal city and a city rich in artistic quality but a somewhat tired city. It has one of the highest rates of unemployment in Europe.

The bid is under the title of “Port of Diversity”.

The bidbook is available at

Its objectives are to act as a challenge to throw the city out of its comfort zone. The cultural sector must outgrow its basic local function to become a serious driver in the city’s ambitions. The bid notes that cities are in competition for investments, visitors, students and Rijeka’s cultural potential

has barely been tested.

The planned artistic programme is grouped under main clusters: Water, Work and Migration.

There are seven flagship project areas: 27 Neighbourhoods, Brick House, Seasons of Power, Coast Lines, Dopolavoro, Kitchen and Sweet and Salt.




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