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Poetry in Riga

There was held the 49th Poetry festival from 5-15th of September 2013.


                         „Dzejas dienas 2013” („Poetry Days 2013”)

For this special occasion a CD of Latvian poets reading was created. The poets were


While on the 10th of September foreign poets were invited to read their poems under the teasing title 'Neighbours are loud'

- There took part German poet Bjoern Kuhlig, Mari Konno from Japan with a music performance „Durvis zvaigžņveida” („The door star-shaped”) and as well Edward Hirsch, a poet and the president of Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

Furthermore, Edward Hirsch gave a masterclass at J.Akurāters Museum while interestingly enough culture industry professionals were invited to attend an open lecture read by Hirsch. His topic was about philantropy development and support in USA -

there took place on the 11th of September the 'Latvian Poetry Race'.





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