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Concept / Objectives


Paphos wishes to become the most hospitable capital of Europe thought to be done best by turning its open-air sites into an Open-Air Factory of Culture. By taking advantage of its archeological sites, squares, streets, beaches, the aim is to bring the cultural activities of the city closer to its citizens.  

Due to being 'European Cultural City' (editor: note the absence of the term 'capital') in 2017, Paphos has adopted according to its geographical position in being at the crossroad of Eastern Mediterranean, the slogan: “Linking Continents, Bridging Cultures”. The hope is that through such a concept, that it will be possible to link the East and the West, bridge people and cultures. It is hoped that the city becomes in the eyes of Europe and the world a place of cultural collaboration and peaceful coexistence.

Status: 20.22.2014

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