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Culturefighter in Kosice

"Culturefighter is a project of the Košice-based independent film company partizanfilm and urban advocate NGO Východné pobrežie, which started out with a curiosity about the experience with large cultural initiatives and culture-led regeneration programmes after Kosice became the European Capital of Culture 2013" 

They wished to overcome obstacles when trying to find out what happened in other ECoC cities. Realizing this entails coverage of "a wide-range of different experiences", they created a database of experiences themselves.



Culturefighter wishes to find out more about:

"Culturefighter explores these issues through interviews with practitioners, activists, researchers, academics, and policy advisors, focussing on concrete examples of practices from a variety of environments (e.g. Western and Eastern Europe, large and small cities etc)."

"Culturefighter produces original content in a variety of media (video, audio and text)."


The website has following list of contents:

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