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Guimaraes 2012

This city in Portugal aspired for so much but during economic crisis which has hit hard Portugal, Spain, Greece but as well Italy and even France, it is hard to imagine how to keep up the spirits despite everything.

It is, therefore, all the more a remarkable achievement to stage cultural events for over one year and still be optimistic in the final end about the long term impact. However, this remains to be seen whether or not the city did manage to make its presence felt. For the year came and went without much being conveyed beyond immediate borders and ranges of visibilities.

Oleg Koefoed went to Guimaraes to do some action research in order to test the city's ability to contribute to a culture of sustainability. As this question is rarely posed, with many more people turned off when they hear alone the term 'sustainable development', it needs reminding that cultural resources once created can uphold for quite some time activities. It is like a tree once fully grown it can spend soothing shade when the heat is especially hard to take or else when it rains and some shelter or cover is needed.

Still the dialogue between the European Capitals of Culture hardly seems to take place except for those caravans which travel to the ECoC or else when administrates and the special organisations delegate some of their members to visit the other city.


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