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Concept of bid, selection and first outcome



                    Rethink Aarhus 2017

Official explanation of the concept:

"The choice of the theme of ”rethink” has been made to underline the sense of radical change cities are challenged with in a world with multiple global challenges which demand  rethinking – redesigning - reconnecting – rebuilding, and on many levels: Urban infrastructure transport, energy and resources, climate, cultural co-existence, democracy, diversity, sustainability, social polarization, economic and financial models."


Aarhus 2017 final bid book Final Bid Book English - Swiflet


At the outset, and even before Sonderborg decided to be as well a candidate city for the title to be designated to a Danish city for 2017, Aarhus was a strong contender. This was mainly due to the involvement of Trevor Davies (had been director of Copenhagen 1996), but not only. In their report of 2009, Bob Palmer and Greg Richards remark that Aarhus has not been "complacent" in preparing the bid. (1)

1. Bob Palmer / Rae Associates, Greg Richards (2009) European Cultural Capital, Report Issue 2. PUblished by Atlas (Association for Tourism and Leisure Education)


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