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Ministry of Culture - opens call

Posted On 10 Dec 2014

Ministry Invites Greek Cities to Apply for European Cultural Capital

The culture ministry on Tuesday called on Greek cities interested in becoming Europe’s Cultural Capital for 2021 to submit applications.

Every year one city of two EU member states which have made it to the finals is designated European Cultural Capital.

For the year 2021, cities in Greece and Romania are vying for the title. The city named will also receive the Melina Mercouri prize of 1.5 million euros on the condition that it has implemented all of the criteria presented in its application.

A group of independent experts will evaluate and then narrow down applications submitted by candidate cities before nominating the city to be awarded the title of Europe’s Cultural Capital and the Melina Mercouri prize.

Conceived in 1983 by then Greek Culture minister Melina Mercouri and established in 1985 with Mrs. Mercouri’s French counterpart Jack Lang, European Cultural Capital aims to safeguard and promote the cultural wealth and diversity of European cities as well as bring Europeans closer together.

It also provides cities with a unique opportunity through the preparation procedure to enhance their image and promote an international profile as well as draw in considerable economic, social and cultural benefits.

Three Greek citiesAthens in 1985, Thessaloniki in 1997 and Patra in 2006 — have since then been named cultural capitals, drawing the international spotlight with events and activities.

Interested cities may contact the Irini Komninou and Garifallia Gani at the culture ministry on tel. 210.3313848 & 210.3230323, e-mail:

For further information (in English), press here.


Extension of the deadline for the submission of applications for the European Capital of Culture 2021

The Directorate of International Relations and European Union/EU Department of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs (culture sector), which will coordinate the competition process among the candidate cities bidding for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021, informs the interested cities that, after having received approval by the European Commission, the deadline for the submission of applications for the ECOC competition is extended up to Monday the 30th of November 2015.

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