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A European Capital of Culture in the Making 14.12.2010


DECEMBER 14th, 2010

08:30 Registration Coffee/tea and bread rolls – Musical entertainment by Don Immel Trio

09:00 Opening address: Else Christensen Redzepovic – Manager of the Sonderborg with Sønderjylland-Schleswig Candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2017

09:05 Welcome by Sonderborg Mayor, Aase Nyegaard, Municipality of Sonderborg

09:15 Why candidate for European Capital of Culture – What´s the message to Europe? Status on the process. By Stephan Kleinschmidt, Chairman for Culture and Commerce, Municipality of Sonderborg (due to sickness he could not attend the conference).

09:30 The journey to becoming European Capital of Culture 2017 – The achievements so far.

By Else Christensen Redzepovic, Manager of the 2017 Office and Gitte Bjørn-Eriksen, Project Officer of the 2017 Office

10:00 “Burning questions” – participant discussions and questions to the strategy of our a. regional identity, b. challenges and chances of regional development, 3. dialogue of cultures – the European dimension. By facilitators Professor Dr Henry Larsen and PhD candidate Henrik Sproedt, Mads Clausen Institute, University of South Denmark



10:30 The legacy of Cork – European Capital of Culture 2005. - Programming a European Capital of Culture year with a European dimension”. By Mary McCarthy, Director of National Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland, Former Director of Programmes Cork 2005.

11:10 Coffee break

11:40 Get acquainted and learn respect” Presenting The European Music Festival EUROPAMUSICALE, Berlin where European cultural diversity is presented to the audiences in exemplary fashion, thus opening up a path for understanding and tolerance in Europe.

By Jörg-Ingo Weber, Chairman of EUROPAMUSICALE and former coordinator of Berlin, European City of Culture 1998

12:20 Presentation of ”Sans & Dans” (sensuality and dance – an artistic research project) Argentinian dancer Ingrid Kristensen represents a renewal of Danish culture and arts far beyond the traditional: “It is a fusion between art and research that new perspectives for the art opens, but also for research and the new knowledge and experience economies as it unfolds in the cross section between innovative businesses, creative artists and open-minded scientists".

It is interesting to see how Ingrid Kristensen puts the dance, body and movement on the global agenda by going new and unconventional ways. She takes dance, theatre, performance and sensual art to places where it has never been before.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 “Magic Move” – dance performance




14:45 “Authentic cultural development”

The time has come to ask whether or not one is willing to travel as did Kapucinski with Herodos to question cultural truths of our times and strengthen the argument for an authentic cultural development. The experiences made along the way should open up perspectives not only in terms of economic development but as well as far as innovative methods are concerned. These should include theatrical performances, poetry translations, philosophical reflections and artistic expressions. It matters when culture is made by the people referring to real experiences.

By Hatto Fischer, Philosopher, Poet and Co-ordinator of Poiein kai Prattein (to create and to do)

15:20 Coffee break

15:30 Café debates facilitated by Professor Dr Henry Larsen and PhD Candidate Henrik Sproedt

-answering the burning questions from the morning session. Concluding remarks by the facilitators.




Panel discussion – Mary McCarthy, Hatto Fischer, Jörg-Ingo Weber, Ingrid Kristensen, Else Christensen Redzepovic, Michael Willemar Svanoe, Oleg Koefoed

Chaired by Professor, Dr Henry Larsen

17:30 Conclusions and farewell

Sonderborg in December 2010 - view from bridge

Poul Valdemar Nielsen (Cultural director) and Rasmus Navntoft (Have Communication)

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