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Candidate Cities in Spain for 2016


Selection process

For 2016 there was announced on 30.9.2010 in the case of Spain the short-list of cities who made it further than the first round consisting of 15 cities. The cities now preparing more fully their bid are Burgos, Córdoba, San Sebastián, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Segovia and Zaragoza. Malaga was one of the cities which did not make it. In the final end, the title was designated to San Sebastian.

For the final report of this selection procedure see


Selection of San Sebastian 2016

In the final end, San Sebastian 2016, but not without controversy. It is said of the 13 member jury, the 7 European experts voted for San Sebastian while the Spanish ones opted for other cities. This information needs to be confirmed.

In the final round of competition were the following 5 other Spanish Candidates: Burgos [3], Cordoba [4], Las Palmas de Gran Canaria [5], Segovia [6] and Zaragoza [7]. Alternatively, click here [8]for a general overview.











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