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Candidate cities in Poland for 2016


                    Aleksandra Szymanska, artistic director of Gdansk 2016 



Poland 2016

There were in the first round 11 candidate cities in Poland for 2016, 5 of which made it into the second round (Gdansk, Lublin, Katowice, Warszawa and Wroclaw); finally, Wroclaw 2016 received the designation.


Needless to say, the selection of Wroclaw was not free of controversy and the other candidate cities felt deeply disappointed.

There had been made promises to continue at least some of the projects which were proposed by the other candidate cities, and to realize them in cooperation with Wroclaw 2016. News has it that there were held long talks about co-operation of cities until the end of 2013. For instance, Gdansk prepared even a detailed programme. 

However, in 2014 the Ministry confirmed less money than what Wroclaw had expected, was available. So they cut totally the other cities' projects (although they were co-financed by them). Brutal as it sounds but so real in this kind of world, it was, one must say with irony: expected!


Note: on a similar note ended the designation of the title to Matera for 2019 with the Ministry of Culture having promised funds to the candidate cities which failed to make the bid that some of their proposed projects shall be financed to ensure some aspects of their ambitious programmes will be realized. It is too early to say definitely that promise shall be kept.


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