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Santiago de Compostela 2000


Official text of the European Commission:

„Under the leitmotiv of Europe and the World, Santiago de Compostela, the destination of the famous pilgrimage, the routes of which cross the whole of the European continent, will be organising major activities to celebrate Europe and the Year 2000: „The faces of God“, an exhibition dealing ith the wy in which God is represented in various religions and cultures, or the Millennium music festival in August, which will stage performances of music, dance and drama from Europe and around the world.

The city will also be organising an exhibition, entitled „Faces of the earth“, on Europe's contribution to land and sea cartography and the influence of this map-making for the great discoveries. Institutes from several European countries have taken part in this project.

Santiago de Compostela is cooperating with other European Cities of Culture in the year 2000 on seven transEuropean projects.“




Also more information about Santiago de Compostela 2000 can be obtained from the report by Giannalia Gogliandro at


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