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Riga - a success story?

Some brief points which have been discussed during the Riga 2014 final conference held on the 12th and 13th May:


The Minister responsible for Culture lamented the delay in the commencement of the tourism campaign and the lack of infrastructure or delay in finishing them. The Minister also announced the intention to nominate Latvian Cities of Culture as a legacy outcome of the ECOC.

Funding and Tourist Arrivals

Budget of Euro 27.3 million mainly sourced from national and city funding

45% of budget directly sourced from public funds, with another 43% indirectly publicly-funded.

Business sector provided 2% of funds through sponsorships etc.

1 million tourist arrivals in 2014, an increase in +15%

Cultural Programme

70-80% of Bid Book projects have been implemented

488 events; 160 projects; 114 organisers; 10400 days of events; 200 weeks of events; 28 events a day

Main types of events:



Attendance to events:

§  76% of Riga population calculated to have attended at least one ECOC event

§  Attendees were predominantly women (over 60%)

§  77% of the audience at events were from Riga

§  1.4% of audiences were from other countries


Volunteering programme


The Riga 2014 Foundation will be closing down in august


EU Japan Fest

EU Japan Fest final funding confirmation would arrive around April 2017 since their financial year closes in March so actual funding available would be confirmed then

Co-funding to be used to kick-off project until actual funding arrives


Other ECoCs

Wroclaw will be launching their programme in June; San Sebastien will be launching their full programme in September


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