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Reykjavik 2000


Official text of the European Commission:

„In the capital of a country in which culture is intimately linked to the forces of nature, Culture and Nature was the obvious theme for „Reykjavik 2000“. Environmental awareness is the basis for numerous projects involving creative use of the forces of nature.

Internationally renowned artists, such as the singer Björk, will take part in the various celebrations of Icelandic cultural expression. Another event will be the premier of a choir work by the famous Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

An exhibition will be organised on the drawings and models of major European and international architects, including Mario Botta, Richard Rogers and Aldo Rossi.



Also more information about Reykjavik 2000 can be obtained from the report by Giannalia Gogliandro at

This report is also quoted in what the Documentation Centre in Athens (2007 – 2009) has made available about the city (organisation, finances and programmes):


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