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Call by Paphos 2017 for proposals to artistic programme

Submission of proposals for participation in the Artistic Programme welcome

Pafos 2017 are issuing an open call for the submission of proposals for participation in the Artistic Programme.  The open call is addressed to all artists (individuals, groups or organisations) operating in Cyprus and abroad.

The proposals should be compatible with the main idea of Pafos2017 – Open Air Factory and its main motto/its main message “linking Continents – Bridging Cultures”.

In order for the proposals to be approved, they should relate to and fall within the following categories: “Myth and Religion”, “Travellers of the World” and “Steps of the future”.

High quality level, innovation, European dimension, multiculturalism, the wider significance of the event or activity, as well as the citizen’s participation and involvement – either in the organisation of the event or as beneficiaries – constitute a prerequisite/are some of the most important requirements for including the proposal in the programme. Projects that have the potential to grow into/become institutions are especially encouraged.

For more detail visit the official Pafos2017 website

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