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Maribor 2012






Maribor seen from a distance

Compared to last year when hardly anything was heard directly from Turku and Tallinn, this year's European Capitals of Culture are even less present. Naturally a visit to their respective websites may allow the tracing of interesting openings and a program unfolding, but that is far away from what is happening on the ground.

Maribor does seem to understand the importance of poetry and literature while taking the issue of language further into the museums where the question of peace is reflected onhand of weapons used in the past. As such the language used then to describe these weapons can be an indication of what cultural heritage entails. In Sibiu that was the fortress church which protected people of the villages against invaders but that protective wall was erected not around the village but just around the church which stood therefore apart although in the midst of the village. Estrangement would be a way to describe such circumstances. Naturally not much can be said as to how else war and peace played out in that region but it is to be welcomed when Maribor does bring about such an exhibition which plays on the reverse angle, insofar as 'Europe in museum' becomes 'museum in Europe'.


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