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Glasgow 1990


Glasgow 1990 is referred to as one of the European Cultural Capital which have used the event of the Cultural Capital as a cultural catalyst for triggering off successfully an overall urban development of the City and Region of Glasgow. It is known for having achieved long-lasting effects, which can be accounted in the social, cultural and economic life of Glasgow and its region.


So one main aspect of the success of Glasgow 1990 has been definitely its capability to create such an atmosphere of excitement in the city, which lead all involved in projects - from participants, speaking of to the inhabitants of the city as well as to the political and cultural protagonists - to turn by themselves the one-year period of Glasgow being European Cultural Capital 1990 into a ten-years working period lasting from 1986 to 1996. From the point of view of the former artistic director of Glasgow 1990 Robert Palmer such time-span of ten years is just an appropriate framework for planning and conducting such an event as European Cultural Capital. HRN spoke with Robert Palmer on his conceptual approach to Glasgow 1990 and the special conditions of Glasgow in the late 1980ies and beginning of the 1990ies:

(Audio: Interview of R. Palmer, artistic director Glasgow 1990, Brussels 2000; Palmer-Report on Cultural Cities, 2004: on Glasgow 1990 was made for heritageradio / online Journal: "Europe under construction")

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