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Villa Mediterranée


         View of Museum of Civilization from Europe and Mediterranean and Villa Mediterranee

Villa Mediterranée was designed by the architect Stefano Boeri. The building is located in the area known as J4, that is along the sea front between the Fort Saint Jean and the cathedral La Major.



        People coming down the ramp towards the Villa Mediterranee


It has two main public areas, one under the sea and one in the air. It will house a permanent exhibition Parcours des Méditerranées (Mediterranean trails), where visitors will be able to “see and live” the experience of the Mediterranean.



     Ferry docking at J4



     Underneath the villa view of MUCEM



     Space in between Villa Mediterranee and MUCEM when looking to Saint Jean Fortress


     At sunset other contours become visible, others invisible

There were two temporary exhibitions which started on 9th of April: "2031 The Mediterranean, our futures", and "Further than the Horizon".

On 15th of October, there took place at the villa a debate about violence in the city of Marseille. The debate made clear that Marseille faces a huge problem of discrimination between the South and the North with the former being revamped with buildings like the Villa Mediterranee, while up North no metro but only buses were the sole transportation means.




All programmes are available from the Villa Méditerranée website as of 20 February 2013.

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