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Ulrich Fuchs

Ulrich Fuchs

Ulrich Fuchs gave a presentation during the opening session of the conference "Cultural Encounters: Mosaic of urban ideantities" organized by the University Network of European Capitals of Culture and held in Marseille, Oct. 17 / 18, 2013 in Villa Mediterannea and Charite.


A short biographical sketch:

"Ulrich Fuchs was born in Neustadt-Waldnaab in Bavaria. After studies in literature, history, sociology and theatre, he was awarded a PhD by the Free University of Berlin.

Between 1984 and 2005, he taught at Bremen and Mainz Universities. Between 1984 and 2003, he was also artistic advisor to the Bremen Municipal Theatre, then director of theatre for young audiences.

In addition, Fuchs developed training programmes on managing cultural enterprises in Germany. He took part in international programmes, in particular at the University of Avignon.

He was in charge of Bremen’s application to become European Capital of Culture in 2003. In 2005, he became the deputy director and programme director for Linz, the European Capital of Culture in 2009.

In May 2010, Ulrich Fuchs joined Marseille-Provence 2013 as the association’s deputy managing director."

Source: Official Website of Marseilles 2013


Further details can be added with time. Ulrich Fuchs did not like the way Linz 2009 final report was commented upon by Hatto Fischer, even though he would admit in his most recent interview that criticism from the side of the free artistic scene is an "anthropological constant" of all European Capitals of Culture. Nevertheless, the criticism relates to the problematic side when culture is not used to make all become creative, but 'culture is turned against culture' and ends up reproducing models of inequality with here highly paid CEO Cultural Managers and there artists and others continuing to exist on the fringe of society. In Marseille another critical dimension became apparent when discussing violence in the city and how neglected the northern suburbs are compared to what investment has been especially in the southern part of the city for this special year. The key term for this has become 'culture of discrimination'.

Naturally the interesting question is who comes into such a position and survives since it is readily admitted the post of artistic or assistent artistic director is like an ejection seat in a cultural jet, and many have already been badly damaged in terms of reputation and 'esprit' once the political constellation changed and they were removed. Also Marseilles 2013 went through turmoils in the years leading up to 2013. All the more of interest is what cultural management training Ulrich Fuchs went through and what experiences he made in the cultural fields prior to taking on these vastly more responsible and challenging positions putting him under constant stress, but something he seems to enjoy.

HF 11.2.2013

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