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centre international de poésie Marseille



Centre international de poesie in Marseille - a poetic discovery

While attending the Seventh Interdisciplinary Conference of the University Network of the European Capitals of Culture with the theme being "Cultural Encounters - The Mosaic of Urban Identities" being held in Marseille Oct. 17 / 18 2013, I encountered a wonderful surprise.


While walking down the corridors of the Charite building, I spotted almost by accident because tucked away in the corner an open door leading into a gallery space with several book shelves to the right of the room just when entering. What attracted my attention was the label on the door:

  centre international de poésie Marseille  


It so happened that Eric Giraud was putting invitation cards into envelopes to be sent out for a meeting of poets from around the Mediterranean. It took place Friday, 18 October 2013 at Cours d'Estienne d'Orves on 35, rue de la Paix Marcel Paul. The programme included the Greek poet Demosthenes Davvetas, the Libanese poet Iskandar and the Franco-Algerian poet Lotfi Nia.




Practically this was something I was searching for: poetry connection between Marseille and the Mediterranean countries, including Greece. It is but a mere hint what Marseille can do to initiate dialogues through poetry and literature.

The Centre International de Poesie in Marseille does some fine publications, and has definitely connections with Bas Kwakman in Rotterdam and Thomas Wohlfahrt at Literatur Werkstatt in Berlin.



Cahier du Refuge


cipM, octobre 2013
ISSN : 1148-652 X



• Texte de présentation

Import / Export
Yerevan / Marseille
• Nounée Abrahamian
• Karen Antashyan
• Avag Epremian
• Chouchanik Thamrazian
• Claude Chambard
• Sarah Kéryna
• Caroline Sagot-Duvauroux
Textes :
• Extrait de Avis de recherche, une anthologie de la poésie arménienne, Avag Epremian
Rois mages, Chouchanik Thamrazian
• Extrait de Tout dort en paix, sauf l'amour, Claude Chambard
Légendes, Sarah Kéryna
• Extrait de Le livre d'El d'où, Caroline Sagot-Duvauroux

Poésie en Mediterranée [p.17]
Algérie • Arménie • France • Grèce • Liban
• Texte de présentation
• Iskandar Habache
• Lofti Nia
• Inédit, traduit par Lofti Nia et l'auteur
• San titre, Lofti Nia

Démosthènes Davvetas [p.22]
• Démosthènes Davvetas
• Extrait de Corps Diaphanes

Semaine de la Pop Philosophie [p.24]
• Texte de présentation

Luc Bénazet
• Luc Bénazet
• Extrait d'Articuler, Luc Bénazet

Fotokino [p.28]
• Présentation des films

CCP n°26 [p.30]
• Sommaire du CCP n°26

J'ai une tendresse particulière pour les bavards qui n'ont pas un mot sur les lèvres. - Alain Veinstein





It would be important to extent it to link up with other poetry centres but also with what has so far not been perceived by the existing poetry centres and organizations. Too much of the exchange takes place whenever promoted within the usual national categories and therefore is a part of a cultural diplomacy not facilitating the outcry of poetry to be heard outside the main stream.

Naturally poetry is too fine a measure when compared with the huge and spectacular buildings which went up on the occasion of Marseille being ECoC in 2013, but it is still a measure in need to be taken serious.


2, rue de la Charite

13236 Marseille

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