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Temporary City in Particular Places

Dialogue between the European Capitals of Culture


Floating Surfaces / Construct: Ceyda Cihangir, Fazil Efe Ilgen (Istanbul Bilgi University), Duygu Kirisoglu, M¸ge Yorganci (Yildiz Technical University)

During this series of collaborative projects, the European Capitals of Culture 2010 - Duisburg for the Ruhr, Pécs and Istanbul - will examine the future of public spaces. Can temporary events in urban areas draw attention to the cultural dimensions of the "European City" and experiment with new ideas for their development?

Students from various planning and architecture faculties in Germany, Hungary and Turkey have been investigating these issues in conjunction with student competitions and in so doing have developed innovative visions for vibrant urban spaces. During the Capital of Culture 2010 year, the winning concepts selected by an international jury will be set up, temporarily in the first instance, at "particular places" in Duisburg, Pécs and Istanbul.  

A new climate for public space, that’s the credo of the prize-winning concept entitled "Wetterumschwung in Duisburg" (Weather Change in Duisburg) by Mavie Lakenbrink and Anna Lerch from the Faculty of Spatial Planning at Dortmund University of Science and Technology. The idea is for a culture of coexistence - in a field that is subject to particularly rigorous regulation and hierarchy and that is almost unequalled in the degree to which it determines visible public life in a city: urban traffic. The central interface between Duisburg's city centre and inland port will play host to a "shared space", where the dominance of motorised traffic will be removed in favour of equal entitlement to the use of public space by pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers. It also encompasses open spaces that will be put to a variety of creative, collaborative uses during the temporary intervention. From 12 to 26 September 2010, Duisburg's residents can experience their familiar urban surroundings in a new light.

The "2010.Chairs" concept (Daniel Spruth, Sofia Rivadeneira, RWTH Aachen) will be realised in Pécs during autumn 2010. Two thousand and ten chairs will be placed along the traffic artery between the city centre and the new Zsolnay cultural quarter. Passers-by will be invited to take a seat, enjoy the spectacle and also to play an active role. During June 2010, a temporary installation was held in the grounds of the Haliç Shipyard at the Golden Horn in Istanbul. It underlined the transformation of this historical urban space into a cultural centre within the Turkish metropolis.

Realisation in the Ruhr Metropolis: September 12-16 2010
Realisation in Pécs: October 4-10
(Download the opening programme here)
Realisation in Istanbul: summer 2010

Partners: Dortmund University of Science and Technology, RWTH Aachen, Siegen University, Yildiz University, Bilgi University, MA University of Pécs, Landesinitiative StadtBauKultur NRW

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