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Official designation of title 18.5.2013

The official designation of the title 'European Capital of Culture' took place in the Chamber of Commerce building in Valletta on Saturday, 18.5.2013

Press focusing on arrival of the Minister


The day marked the official opening of V.18's Cultural Programmes and events.






The minister preparing to speak (with the paper in the hand)


The newly appointed chairman of the V18 Foundation speaking

The audience gathered to listen to the speeches

Gabriel Brunnich from UNESCO (white sweater) and Jon McClory from London (blue shirt) as part of the audience listening

Breaker group

Accessibility for people with special needs was topic the previous evening after a film about how they can and cannot move easily around in Valletta, was shown. After the official speeches, the politicians did come over to them to have a few exchanges of words. They are most critical as to what has not happened in the city. One point made in the workshop is that not only people with special needs face a lot of hindrances, but mothers with baby carriages as well. Which museums have ramps or public institutions an easy access?


The clock is starting to tick - 2018 is not so far away in 2013 as imagined

This day will celebrate the communities which play a role in cultural life in Malta, and unofficially open the call for proects for 2018's Cultural Programme.


Text in Maltese language

Valletta and Malta are bilingual entities and it shall be interesting to see how this dual linguistic situation plays out. As Jon McClory, branding expert, remarked, it is an advantage to have both languages since both accessible to international tourism and still unique in terms of cultural identity.

Pilot projects along four themes:Generations, Routes, Cities and Islands



If anything can launch a successful year when being European Capital of Culture, then the knowledge that not everything can be done within that one specific year. With that insight has started Valletta 2018. There remains only to wish the city and the organizers of V18 good luck.

Hatto Fischer

Valletta 18.5.2013



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