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Longitudinal evaluation and monitoring 2015 - 2019



The Valletta 2018 Foundation is planning an extensive longitudinal Evaluation and Monitoring process which will run for the period 2015-2019 combining quantitative and qualitative research.

A Steering Committee has been set up including a number of government-related entities and individual academics. The latter will be conducting the qualitative research in their own capacity. Members of the Steering Committee include representatives from the Economic and Policy Division, Employment and Training Corporation, Malta Tourism Authority and the National Statistics Office, whereas academics will be conducting research in the following areas: branding, built environment, cultural participation, EU affairs, governance and sociology.

Currently, we are in the process of consolidating and finalising our research plan.

The plan is structured into five main research themes, listed below together with their respective objectives and a brief description of the actual studies to be undertaken:

1.       Cultural and territorial vibrancy – To evaluate the success of the Valletta 2018 cultural programme and Euro-Med collaborations - focussing on the cultural programme offer, participation, an assessment on Euro-Med collaborations, analysis on Malta’s European identity and cultural participation in Valletta and in general;

2.       Governance and finance – To understand the investment and management in Valletta 2018 and the related impact on Malta’s creative sector - focussing on income and expenditure, management of the process, return on Valletta 2018 cultural investment, careers in the creative industries as a result of the ECoC title, and the economic impact of the creative economy;

3.       Community inclusion and space – To assess the impact of Valletta 2018 cultural and infrastructural regeneration on various community groups – analyzing the social involvement of the local population, accessibility of the process and cultural infrastructure and regeneration;

4.       The tourist experience - To evaluate the changes in visitor profile, tourist expenditure and visitor perception as a result of Valletta 2018 – focussing on the economic effect on Malta’s tourism industry, visitor perception survey and the impact on tourist accommodation;

5.       The Valletta brand – To understand the success of the Valletta 2018 communication strategy within local and international communities - analyzing the Valletta 2018 Foundation’s communication and branding campaign, the external perception of Valletta 2018, the success in communicating with different community groups an d a local public perception survey.


A workshop is scheduled for this Friday, aimed at finalising the process.

Following this workshop, research will commence in 2015, when baseline studies will be conducted.


Graziella Vella

Research Coordinator



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