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8 Std.Vor 8 Stunden Attika, Griechenland

! We made it!! is the brand new European Capital of Culture 2021!!!

Eleusis was selected to be the ECoC in Greece for 2021 on Friday, 11.11.2016 after the jury had read the second bid books of all three candidate cities, including Rhodes and Kalamata, and heard their presentations on Thursday and Friday, 10. - 11.11.2016

Lets see if Eleusis will address the problems of not only the city but of Greece in such cultural terms that people can finally find a way out of the crisis which has been hammering Greece since 2009.

Hatto Fischer



Sketch for 2021: 


"Year 2021 marks the 200th anniversary of the Hellenic Revolution, which led to the establishment of the modern Greek state. Revolutions are times of transformation and transition. Eleusis and Europe touch on the two great transitions that radically transformed human living conditions and created new forms of organization and co-existence: the Agricultural and the Industrial Revolution. Today, both are faced with the challenge of a new transition, the need to redefine concepts such as development, social cohesion and, eventually, prosperity. The role of art and culture in this process is decisive, precisely because that is the function of the artist: to dress fantasy with shape and form, to transubstantiate possibility, to operate beyond the obvious. Art opens new roads and offers new prospects for the future.

Inspired by the figure of Persephone, the transition and alternation of the seasons, the programme includes 5 key events that link the natural flow of time to the evolution of Europe and the European Union. The Key Events are: Opening Ceremony (January 2021), Closing Ceremony-Winter Solstice (21 December 2021), May 2021 (Connection of Europe Day and the arrival of Persephone and spring), June 2021 (Connection of European Development Days and European Day of Music with the Equinox, the arrival of summer and fruition), September 2021 (Connection of European Heritage Days and the end of summer, the beginning of autumn and the Equinox). Using the myth of Persephone as a metaphor, the key events focus on the transformations of Europe and its societies."

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For a more detailed description of the concept centred on the key term of Euphoria, and which includes the Environment, Urbanization and the Working Class, see

and the short video

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis

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